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How to Maintain Your Network Operable with Network Monitor

System administrators should detect all the failures that can occur on all network devices

Network equipment failures can cause grave consequences, such as material and data looses, bad relations with your customers, etc. System administrators should detect all the failures that can occur on all network devices (local computers, servers, switches, network printers and others) in time and recover them as fast as possible. That is why the network monitoring is vital in modern IT infrastructure.

With the program 10-Strike Network Monitor, an administrator can solve this problem effortlessly. The program is to be installed on the administrator computer only and does not require installing any other software on remote computers. 10-Strike Network Monitor will scan your network, detect all devices, and create a list in the tree-like form. You can edit this list, for example, and organize hosts in folders. The monitoring process runs remotely via a network.

The program contains a wide set of checks that allow the administrator to be notified about any network failures. For example, 10-Strike Network Monitor helps you to check the state or availability of any device or server in your network. You can do it via the TCP port monitoring, SNMP, DNS, FTP, and HTTP server monitoring. These checks allow you to be notified when a device or server goes down without leaving your working place. Thanks to this fact, you can react to any problem quickly and recover all failures in time.

Also, the 10-Strike Network Monitor program allows you to detect malicious software on computers in time. The administrator can monitor opened TCP ports via the TCP protocol. Having the list of TCP ports that are frequently used by such applications (the lists can be found on the Internet), you can configure several checks to monitor those opened ports. If the application detects any of the specified ports has opened, it will notify you of that. You can also monitor processes running on remote computers and detect danger applications using this way. For that, use the "Process Existence" monitoring check. In this case, you will need to have names of danger processes and configure the process monitoring on remote computers.

Using the same "Process Existence" monitoring check, the administrator can control users' activities on the network, be notified when they launch certain applications, such as games, media players, etc. during the working hours. In this case, you need to have the names of the processes to be warned about and enter those in the monitoring settings.

10-Strike Network Monitor also allows administrator to monitor the size of files and folders. Sometimes, application logs increase and occupy too much space on the hard drive of a computer or server. This check allows you to control the specified file size. You will be warned if the file size reaches the specified volume. You can monitor the free space on your disks also.

The program allows you to monitor MAC address changes (via the ARP or NetBIOS protocols). This feature can help protecting your network from unauthorized connections.

10-Strike Network Monitor can warn administrator about particular events in different ways. These include: displaying a message, sending an e-mail message, playing a sound, sending SMS to a mobile phone, executing VB and JS scripts. All the monitoring check results are recorded in application log for future analyzing.

Moreover, the administrator can configure the program to run particular programs in response to monitoring events. The program can run external applications, restart/shut down a service or a remote computer.

The network monitoring (which includes controlling hosts, searching slow and defective systems, finding bottlenecks) is one of the most important functions of network administrator. The whole successful operation of a company depends on how this problem is solved. The 10-Strike Network Monitor program's task is to make this process more effective and simpler because of the wide number of network checks available.

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Dmitriy Stepanov is a CEO at 10-Strike Software, Network Inventory, Network Monitoring, Bandwidth Monitoring Software developer. 10-Strike Software is a software developing company. They offer their high quality networking products since 1999. 10-Strike Software specializes in producing Windows network software for corporate users.